SaySelfiee - Snap the CUTEST, most BEAUTIFUL and GORGEOUS selfie


How SaySelfiee camera app captures your most beautiful selfie?

SaySelfiee is super simple to use. Open the app, turn your phone around, follow voice directions and your selfie gets auto-taken. Click this video to find out even more amazing features!

6 Amazing Features to make you an instant selfie STAR!

Voice-Directed Photo-taking

The first camera app that has crystal clear voice guidance to guide you to the perfect selfie.

Powerful Face Detection

Accurate face detection to ensure your selfie is at its best angle!

Auto-snap Function

Smile, pose and your selfie gets auto taken. No need to press any buttons.

Couple Selfie Mode

Snap amazing couple selfies with your boyfriends and girlfriends!

Quick and Easy Facial editing tools

Add a final finishing touch to your selfie with our simple-to-use editing tools.

One Click to Share

Share your brilliant selfies on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest with just 1 click

The Story Behind SaySelfiee

Hi there, my name is Dave and I am a college student. And in one of my school projects, I developed a fun social camera app for people like me. People who love taking selfie.

Selfie is one of the hottest trends right now. Everyone is taking a selfie but most camera apps out there don’t solve the problem of taking selfie.

Hence, I decided to develop my own selfie app based on these 3 cool features.
1) Advanced face recognition
2) Voice directions
3) Auto-snap

And that was how SaySelfiee app was born. Using the superb accuracy of our face detection and voice guidance technology, SaySelfiee is able to capture the true essence of your selfie. And so far, the feedbacks were amazing with our prototype receiving amazing reviews. I really do hope you enjoy this app as much as others did and feel free to write a review or a feedback for my app.



SaySelfiee Features

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